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You Can!

If you say you can't, you can't...

If you say "I can't", you limit the scope for change and the metaphorical door of opportunity closes to all possibilities.

Our subconscious mind reacts by grasping and accepting yet another self-defeating statement, made on our own behalf, towards ourselves.

We then unwittingly recalibrate our thoughts, feelings and actions to align with our self-defeating statements and beliefs, as a long standing contribution towards our future selves.

When we stated "I can't", we were somewhat correct as it became true & we couldn't!

Interesting concept - we could believe something highly negative about ourselves and then… aim to prove ourselves right!

If you say you can...YOU CAN!

We were probably aware that there was never any existence of a door!

And even if there was, we would use the door handle (to open it), or a key (to unlock it) or a screwdriver to completely unhinge and (move it)!

Options, options, options - this is how life coaching works, it breaks down the real and imaginary/self-inflicted barriers that deter our progress and enables us to become in sync with our true potential and our net worth, to achieve what we want.

Can you stand up and claim who you are AND what you want...CAN YOU?

Whenever you are ready for a purposeful JOURNEY, RICH in self-discovery and life-changing achievements, you can send me an email for an initial chat to start your Journey (to) Rich!

NB: Our subconscious mind is obedient and ready to process the instructions that we supply. Irrespective of the content being destructive or constructive, our minds are always ready to support whatever we believe!

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