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Janice Richardson

For Health Conscious MEN & WOMEN with EATING DISORDERS

to Promote your Quality of life & long-term Health

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is life coaching? 

Life coaching is the process of transforming one’s life from insight into action, resulting in satisfaction.  Life coaches are not there to judge. They rather encourage you to confide in them so that you can work through your blocks and achieve your goals.

2 How does life coaching work?

First we look at where you are, and determine where you want to get to. Then we look at what is stopping you getting there, and how we can move you forward to achieve your personal objective.

3 What’s the difference between life coaching and therapy?

THERAPY is more focused on mental health and transforming dysfunctional behaviours into functional ones. It tends to involve a lot of focus on the past.

LIFE COACHING however, is more focused on moving forward and creating your ideal future. Determining where point A is and where point B is for you, helping you determine the best route to get there, identifying any blockages (such as limiting beliefs or fears) and to create strategies to overcome them.

Do you work with people under 18?

Yes. With their parents or guardians consent and subject to my Coaching Agreement.


NB: Life coaching is not a replacement for professional psychological help. If you believe you are suffering from mental health issues, you should first speak to your doctor as a first point of call.

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