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Natalia Naim 

Resident Liaison Officer 2019

Ann-Marie Carrol

Financial Advisor 2019

Janice creates an atmosphere conducive for communication where you instantly feel at ease. Exacting a clear picture of your goals, she assists to assign actions steps to achieve them. She enabled me to identify potential barriers & appropriate measures to overcome them. By the end of the session, I had a clear set of objectives and the motivation to succeed.

The relaxation program exceeded my expectations, it offered deep breathing techniques and methods which enabled me to feel revitalised.
If you require a professional and genuine coach, I would highly recommend Janice as a genuine and professional life coach.

Lainey Richardson

Film/Documentary Maker 2019

My Journey-Rich coaching experience surpassed my expectations! Over the course of the 6-week programme, Janice really supported me to set realistic goals connected to work-life balance and my finances, and achieve results week-on-week. We also did a lot of mindset work reframing beliefs that were holding me back, which really helped me tap into my potential and increased my confidence in my abilities. As a result, my lifestyle completely changed for the better and I feel so much more in control and empowered to handle life's day-to-day stresses and I got a handle on my finances with practices in place that have helped me build consistency that I still use. Janice is a great listener, a calm positive force, and I highly recommend working with her!

As I wanted to gain control and priorities my schedule within my personal and professional life, I connected with Janice who quickly and easily adapted her style and pace to suit me and was able to create an environment where I was able to answer questions that revealed my true identity and purpose and that enabled me to re-connect with my passions and my goals. She also supported me to take practical steps to bring those ideals closer and into reality.

Janice's unique style of coaching is inspiring and has encouraged me to re-direct my focus, drive and ambition to get myself back on track. I have enjoyed the coaching process and have enthusiastically continued to create the life I really want. To Janice I extend a huge thank you. Whether you are aiming to improve or to transform your life, I would highly recommend Janice as an inspiring, results driven life coach.

Maeva A.Bire​

Localisation Expert / Editor 2019

Janice is wonderful to work with and has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable instantly. She is an attentive listener and I love her calm and positive attitude. By the end of our first session, I was feeling motivated, energised and had a clear focus on the next steps to take.


With professionalism and grace, she is able to understand you and bring clear direction towards reaching personal objectives. If you need a highly dedicated and trustworthy coach, Janice is the right person.                                        

 The Ivy League

London 2019

My coaching experience with Janice was nothing short of life changing. She helped me dismantle the blocks I was putting in my own way which has enabled me to be more efficient in several areas of my life. The biggest transformation she helped me achieve was in the area of motivation. I am now able to work consistently and productively without procrastinating or losing focus. Janice is very compassionate, trustworthy and extremely supportive, making the sessions a highlight of my week. I would easily recommend Journey-Rich to anyone looking to better themselves with a coach that makes your goals their goals and ensures that you achieve them!



Ingrid Johns

Management Hospitality 2019

Janice is amazing she has helped me to find more clarity in my life and identify the actions I have to take to achieve my goals.


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