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Client Testimonials

Maeva A.Bire​

Localisation Expert / Editor 2019

 The Ivy League

Writer London 2020

Janice is wonderful to work with and has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable instantly. She is an attentive listener and I love her calm and positive attitude. By the end of our first session, I was feeling motivated, energised and had a clear focus on the next steps to take.


With professionalism and grace, she is able to understand you and bring clear direction towards reaching personal objectives. If you need a highly dedicated and trustworthy coach, Janice is the right person.                                           

My coaching experience with Janice was life changing as she encouraged me to dismantle the blocks I was putting in my own way which has enabled me to perform more efficiently in several areas of my life. The biggest transformation was motivation. I am now able to work consistently and productively without procrastinating or losing focus.


Janice is very compassionate, trustworthy and extremely supportive, making the sessions a highlight of my week. I would easily recommend Journey-Rich to anyone looking to better themselves with a coach that makes your goals their goals and ensures that you achieve them!

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Janice is amazing she has helped me to find more clarity in my life and identify the actions I have to take to achieve my goals.

Ingrid Johns

Management Hospitality 2020


Thank you so much for the generosity and time you have dedicated to me within my job search journey. Your unique way of putting things into perspective, increased my awareness and ability to make clear distinctions and decisions. You have supported me to find the answers I needed to go beyond my own expectations to manifest my goals, I therefore highly recommend Janice as a talented and supportive coach.

Lainey Richardson

 Film/Documentary Maker 2020

My Journey - Rich coaching experience surpassed my expectations! Over the course of the 6-week programme, Janice really supported me to set realistic goals connected to work-life balance and my finances, and achieve results week-on-week. We also did a lot of mindset work reframing beliefs that were holding me back, which really helped me tap into my potential and increased my confidence in my abilities. As a result, my lifestyle completely changed for the better and I feel so much more in control and empowered to handle life's day-to-day stresses and I got a handle on my finances with practices in place that have helped me build consistency that I still use. Janice is a great listener, a calm positive force, and I highly recommend working with her!

As I needed to meet key priorities within my personal and professional life, I consulted Janice who implemented time management and effective communication skills, which achieved positive results. Coaching offered the support I needed to take appropriate action to get myself on track. I am appreciative of how much I have learned and the higher standards that I continue to achieve. Whether you aim to improve or transform your life, I highly recommend Janice as a results-producing life coach.

Natalia Naim 

 Resident Liaison Officer 2019

Ann-Marie Carrol

 Financial Advisor 2020

Deluxe Coaching Program - Janice creates a calm atmosphere that assists you to gain clarity of your goals and the actions required to achieve them. You also identify potential barriers & the appropriate solutions to overcome them. By the end of the session, I had a clear set of objectives and the motivation to succeed. The Relaxation Combo Program offered deep breathing methods which induced me to calmness, I focused on tranquility, and received much needed relief. If you require coaching/relaxation support, I would highly recommend her as Janice is a genuine and professional life coach.

The Journey Rich life coaching experience 



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Rommel Gomez Security Officer 2020

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The coaching sessions with Janice are really useful as she (in a calm atmosphere) encourages & challenges me to express myself, which has developed my ability to focus and articulate my thoughts, feelings and desires. As a result, I have learned how to clearly define my intentions and plan towards them, with the confidence to achieve my goals. I am currently being coached by Janice which has given me the accountability factor that I needed to ensure that I complete each stage of the planned activities and within the agreed time frames. If you want to fast-forward your goals then I highly recommend  Janice as a talented coach, who will bring out the best in you.

Debbie Barracks

Booking Administrator 2020