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Facing Your Fears

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Facing our fears can be a challenge but as a result can bring massive achievements,

and most often, the ordeal was not as bad as we had originally anticipated.

At a MASTER your FEAR seminar,

when the opportunity had arisen for me to hold this snake (aka Peanut), my imagination ran wild with potentially harmful scenarios.. basically, my instincts screamed...Ruuunnn!!  

In reality, once I held the weight of the snake and channelled happier thoughts, I had allowed myself to relax and enjoy the interesting and unusual experience.

This single action had actually changed my perspective in many ways, for example, I no longer have an irrational fear of dogs and fully understand people's enthusiasm and connection with them, as I now share that same connection! In addition, I believe that I can achieve much more (within many areas of my life) than what I had originally imagined... thanks to Peanut!

Who would have thought that 5 minutes spent outside of my comfort zone would have had such a positive effect on my mindset. I have noticed that there is always a reward

waiting on the other side of each challenge... which is absolutely great!

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