Transformational Life Coach for WOMEN

By Janice Richardson

 J   R

Coaching made simple..

Is time moving quickly, not yet fulfilled your DREAMS?

Are your desires in the distance… is that how it seems..

You may feel between you and your dreams, there is a distant link,

but I can assure you, your dreams are closer than you think!


If you are ready, to make the switch, then

Book:1-2-1 coaching sessions with JOURNEY RICH.


Hi, I’m Janice Richardson, qualified life coach on a mission

To run coaching sessions that dramatically EMPOWER WOMEN

I'd support you to follow-through on your commitments 

and to bring your personal goals into present existence. 


Through 1-1 coaching sessions, we’ll break through

any Limiting beliefs and blocks that may hinder you

and increase your confidence to perform at your best,

And to develop your resilience in creating happiness.


Throughout the coaching process, you will receive 

support to advance your progress with more EASE

We will work as partners, you are not alone

together we take the journey OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.


Challenges may feel daunting, regardless of the amount

but I will ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU.. even when you don’t!

Keep on going and do not relent.. guarantee your own success at 100%

Book: Journey Rich Life Coaching today. 

JOURNEY RICH Life Coaching

Sessions: In person, Skype or phone 

BOOK a FREE 15 minute consultation

Tell me a little about yourself & what you want to achieve from coaching.

Invest in yourself.. absolutely.. JOURNEY RICH.. today..

Specialist areas:

Changing the course of your career or life.

Improving your self esteem or assertiveness.

Work/life balance and overcoming stress.

Improving health - attaining your ideal weight.

Finding your life purpose.

Work hard in silence 

let success make the noise...

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