Career/Confidence Life Coach for WOMEN

Your Career

Career Coaching Program................


1 Define your career goals 

2 Identify further training/educational options

3 Identify and overcome barriers

4 Create and implement realistic actions 

5 Develop a positive mindset

6 Review weekly progress, agree new steps

7 Create positive career habits

Your Confidence 

Confidence Coaching Program

1 Mindset reset for success

2 Confidence booster

3 Rewrite your past

4 Reclaim your power

5 Self-acceptance

6 Relaxation

7 Create positive psychology habits 

Janice Richardson

Benefits of Coaching

1 Enhances your performance

2 Communication skills

3 Problem solving abilities,

4 Increases your self awareness

5 Alerts you to the choices you have  

6 Increases confidence to take action

Camden Town - London UK

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Sessions: In person, Skype or phone 

​Monday - Sunday: 8am - 9pm

A Working Partnership

Partnering with a life coach will be a transformational experience. 


I can say this as I have studied it, gained qualifications, financially invested in it, been coached, coached others & seen remarkable achievements.

Specialist areas:

Career change and development

Work - life balance

Life style changes

Preparing for important events

Increase confidence 

Relaxation techniques

A confidential service with 100% commitment to your SUCCESS!



The1-1support encourages you to take decisive actions that further increase your prospects. 

 Don't underestimate

the POWER of life coaching!

  Career/Confidence Life Coach for WOMEN

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A qualified life coach with over15 years experience coaching within global companies, private NGOs, Face to face and in groups settings.

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