Healthy Eating - Confidence Coach 

A Nutritional Coaching Program to assist people who OVER-EAT

to attain Healthy Eating Patterns by doing (ground-breaking inner-work) to achieve & maintain their ideal body weight. 



1 Define your nutritional goals 

2 Define your body weight goals

3 Identify and overcome barriers

4 Implement realistic actions 

5 Review progress, agree new steps

6 Develop effective communication

Confidence Coaching Program

1 Mindset reset for success

2 Confidence booster

3 Reframe your past

4 Claim your power

5 Self-acceptance

6 Relaxation

7 Create positive psychology habits 

Janice Richardson

Qualified Nutritional Life coach


to suppress your painful emotions?

 Do you want to break the pattern of

 over-eating & gaining Weight?

Then it's time to:

* Release your painful emotions.

* Build self esteem


* Strengthen your

psychological, physical and spiritual life experience.


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Over15 years experience coaching within global companies, private NGOs, Face to face and in groups settings.



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