Transformational Life Coach for WOMEN

By Janice Richardson



JOURNEY RICH Life Coaching offers an opportunity for

SELF - EXPLORATION to gain clarity of who you are and exactly what you want to achieve.

It enables you to; recognise your strengths, qualified skills and experiences, which assist you to REALISE your POTENTIAL on route towards your desired goals. And to remove any limiting beliefs, develop a positive 

mindset and to reflect what is actually achievable.

Ensure your goals line up with your overall AIMSBELIEFS and VALUES..

Create realistic, time-bound action steps to use as a reference point.

IDENTIFY barriers to progress and the measures to OVERCOME them. 


REVIEW weeks actions and agree specific steps to ADVANCE.

I MOTIVATE and offer a private and confidential service with 100%  commitment to your SUCCESS.

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Some clients surprise themselves when they decide on their goals, as many had long

told themselves that they just couldn’t do it.

Fortunately, I believe otherwise.

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