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Career Tips

                 Resume contents

1Relate your key skills to the job description

2 Summarise your experience & capabilities 

3 Highlight soft skills and technical skills ie:IT 

4 Work history and personal projects

5 Education, certification, memberships

   & awards

6 Community involvement, volunteering

Interview preparation

1 Research the company

2 Get in touch with people who work there

3 Think of questions to ask at the interview

4 Go carefully through your resume

5 Prepare explanations for gaps in the C.V

6 Think of similar jobs/roles you have done

7 Prepare strategic answers to FAQ

8 Practice in the mirror vocally & physically

9 Practice mock interviews with friends

10 Take deep, calming breaths

5 reasons you should write a cover letter

1 Explain your situation in detail

2 Elaborate on your skills

3 Highlight your motivation for the position

4 Add a personal touch to the application

5 Explain how you would be an asset 

6 Detail how you would go the extra mile for the job

Interview Techniques

What are your strengths & weaknesses?

1 Use clear examples

2 Relate them to your professional experience

3 Choose ones that do not reflect negatively       on your work

4 Focus on how you are improving

What professional achievements are you proud of?

1 Use any example that shows your strength

   and professionalism.

2 Focus on how you made that happen

3 Tell them why it makes you proud.

Tell me about a challenging situation that you solved

1 Choose a situation that highlights your soft       skills

2 Explain why it was a challenge

3 Talk about the steps you took to solve it.

4  Focus on the positive results.

Covid 19 - STAY SAFE!


Physical - Stay up-to-dated with medical advice and adhere to the safety guidelines. 

Maintain hydration, eat healthily & take regular exercise to maintain/improve your psychological and physical wellbeing.

Psychological  - Aim to develop a positive perspective on situations and their outcomes.

 Get involved in activities that contribute to your personal development and self expression. 

Vet the data you consume and aim to access positive content via reputable information sources.  

Social - Connect with positive social networks, family, friends and maintain your social presence to prevent feeling isolated.


These are challenging times however, you can use the aforementioned guidelines, where you will have, essentially prepared yourself for when the economy improves bringing new opportunities. You would then be equipped to implement your plans to attain your goals.




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